Sports Podiatry Clinic Offers Foot Care for the Athlete

Sports Podiatry deals with the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and management of sports-related injuries to the foot and lower legs, suffered during sporting activities and other physical exertion. You may think that foot injuries and plantar fasciitis are problems for athletes, people involved in contact sports or those doing exercise at home. While these sports may occasionally cause foot or plantar fasciitis, they are more often caused by repetitive stress to the lower back, hips, knee and ankle muscles. When you think about a quarter of your total bones are located in the foot, you also understand how they may be prone to trauma resulting in pain and injury. A sports podiatrist is an expert in treating sports-related foot injuries as well as general foot pain.

There are numerous types of sports injuries and some common causes include: slip and fall, foot fractures, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bunions, stress fractures and Osgood Schlatter’s disease. Some podiatric physicians specialize in treating sports injuries and many treat athletes as part of their practice. Many athletes seek care when their athletic career has come to an end and they have nothing else in mind but to get healthy again. Sports Podiatry in Melbourne is a profession enjoyed by many individuals who have chosen to become a specialist.

Stress Fractures

Sports Podiatry treats many foot and ankle fractures caused by overuse, especially when athletes are involved in contact sports such as football, basketball and lacrosse. Athletes frequently sustain stress fractures when they overexert themselves during training or play. The symptoms may include pain, swelling, bruising, redness and loss of motion. Overuse-induced fractures are also known as overuse injuries and may take weeks or months to fully heal. Prevention is the best form of treatment for overuse injuries. Athletes should warm up before and cool down properly after exercise to avoid causing stress fractures.

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Plantar Fasciitis

Sports Podiatry doctors treat many injuries including plantar fasciitis, which is usually caused by long periods of rest, poor foot biomechanics or injury to the plantar fascia. Symptoms include pain, inflammation, swelling, blisters and heel pain. Physical therapy, icing and anti-inflammatory medications are the common treatments for plantar fasciitis in Melbourne. The patient may also need to have physical therapy to strengthen the calf muscles.

Sports Podiatry is often employed by professional athletes to diagnose and treat injuries. A well-trained sports podiatrist can perform diagnostic and therapeutic foot scans and take xrays. He can perform arthroscopic surgery to remove affected tissue and build up the strength of the injured foot. He is also trained to use computerized tools to evaluate the biomechanical structure of the foot. In some cases, orthotic devices such as shoe inserts or plantar fasciitis orthotics may be prescribed to help correct problems with biomechanics or to prevent problems with function.

This type of podiatry clinic specialises in treating sportsmen from different sports. If you have been injured in any part of your feet that affects your ability to perform your activities of daily living, you should see a podiatrist. A gait analysis can determine if you have any abnormal abnormalities that need to be treated. A sports podiatrist Camberwell can perform a diagnostic evaluation to determine the severity and location of your injury. Once the causes of your injury are determined and the appropriate treatments have been given, you should be able to regain full function of your joints and feet.

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