About Us

We are Custom Chocolates – Good for the Soul.

We are a health and wellbeing blog that focuses on not medicine, but on your overall wellness – physically and mentally.
Our main focus is on mental health and physical wellbeing with a touch of wine and chocolate.

We sell chocolates and give wine pairing suggestions, and also offer health and wellbeing news.

Finding a website that you can truly believe in didn’t happen overnight. It started with a chance discovery while on vacation and took a lot of hard work, a lot of writing, and a lot of reading and study to get to this stage.

Each news article on our website is handcrafted with the utmost precision and care by our expert team of writers. Our team is across the world with a varying range of degrees and interests, and to bring the most relevant mental health and wellbeing news to you.

In 2011, while on vacation in Sweden, our co-founder embarked on an impromptu motorcycle adventure that led her to discover the best writing team that she has ever come across.

She stayed in touch with as many of these writers as she could, while she headed back home to Australia to turn her dream into a reality. While supporting freelance writers across the globe, our goal here at Custom Chocolates is to bring the highest quality news to light – perhaps in a different way to the standard news outlet.